Do You Need A Lawyer After a Traffic Collision in Houston?

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If you've been on the Katy Freeway before you've seen an accident , now if you've had the misfortune to be in an accident, you know how stressful the process can be. Insurance companies don't make it any easier. In fact, they're trained to give you the lowest payout possible for your claim. That's why you need a lawyer on your side—a lawyer who knows how insurance companies work and what injuries often result from car accidents. Your lawyer can help you gather medical evidence and determine what your claim is worth so that you get the compensation that's due to you after an accident.

Do Insurance Companies Have Your Best Interest?

Insurance adjusters report to the company, this is not your best interest. Our number of 5 Star reviews rating from google demonstrates how much we care about our customers. We’re not in the business of denying claims. We want to help you get the compensation that you deserve after a car accident, and we work hard to do it. Our goal is always to maximize your settlement so that you can recover as much money as possible. We're committed to getting you the money you deserve for your injuries, and we'll do everything we can to make sure that happens.

We know how to negotiate with insurance companies and will help you get the compensation you need from them. Our firm has a long history of success in personal injury cases, including auto accident claims.

Shady Insurance adjuster taking pictures of traffic collision aftermath

Adjusters are trained to give you the lowest payout.

They're not going to be friendly or helpful, and they won't care about your injuries or your recovery. You need a attorney because:

  • You may not know the law. If you don't know all of the laws related to car accident claims in Houston, then it will be hard for you to fight for your rights. If an insurance company tries to take advantage of this, then I can help by representing you in court and negotiating with them on your behalf.
  • If there were injuries involved in your accident, it's important that we get started as soon as possible on pursuing any available benefits from medical providers or your own health insurance company (if applicable). This means that we'll need time together before meeting with anyone else - especially if those meetings will require us sitting across from each other negotiating over how much money would be fair compensation based off their knowledge alone without having access additional information like medical records showing what happened during treatment.
  • Talk to an attorney today

Are Accident Claims are Complicated

The short answer is that you need a lawyer when your case is complex. What makes a case complex? A lot of things, but one example is that there’s an issue with how much time and money you have to spend on the case. You may not be able to devote all of your time to gathering evidence and preparing for trial—you may have other obligations or responsibilities that prevent this.

But don’t worry! There are ways around these problems by finding experts who can help guide your case and make sure it goes smoothly through the legal process.

Medical Evidence Can be Difficult to Gather on Your Own

The physical damage to your car and the medical treatment you receive are also important factors. If you're injured in an auto accident, it's wise to get immediate medical attention. However, if you suffer injuries that may have long-term consequences or require extensive treatment, gathering medical evidence can be difficult without help from a lawyer who knows how insurance companies operate.

The Law Office of Tiecia Ayers can help ensure that all necessary documentation is obtained so that any future claims will be supported by sufficient evidence of the severity of injury and extent of recovery time required. For example, if a doctor determines that there was nerve damage during surgery for an injury sustained in a car accident (such as carpal tunnel syndrome), your attorney can work with an expert witness who could testify about how this condition affects daily life activities such as driving or cooking food — both things we do every day!

Lawyers Help You Determine What Your Claim is Worth

There are many reasons why you may need a lawyer after an accident. The most important reason is that lawyers are trained in knowing how to determine what your claim is worth and will ensure that you receive fair compensation for any injuries you may have suffered.

Attorneys are trained for the paperwork.

  • negotiations.
  • legal process.
  • insurance claims processes, if necessary

The legal profession helps individuals and businesses determine the value of their claims arising from car accidents. This may involve assessing the damage to property, medical expenses, and other losses suffered as a result of the accident. A lawyer can provide guidance on whether to pursue a legal case and what compensation could be awarded if successful.

A lawyer can help you get a higher payout.

A lawyer can help you get a higher payout. Lawyers are trained to negotiate, and they know exactly how much to ask for in terms of compensation. If you don't have one, you may end up settling for less than what the accident was worth. Your reading this for a reason, Trust a professional


After an accident, it can be difficult to know exactly what your claim is worth and how to proceed. A lawyer can help you gather all the medical evidence, determine who was at fault in the crash, and even negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. Call Attorney Tiecia Ayers This makes it much easier than trying to do everything on your own or hiring a non-lawyer who doesn’t have the experience needed to get you the highest payout possible.

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